1 - Object

These General Conditions of Use describe all the conditions of subscription and use of the Monelib service (hereinafter Monelib), as well as the contractual relations between the signatories and in particular to define the roles and obligations of each and to fix the financial terms inherent in the operation of the Monelib service.

This service is published by Viva Multimedia S.A.R.L. (hereinafter Viva Multimedia), located 60/62 rue de Wattignies 75012 Paris, registered in the Paris Trade and Companies Register.

The Monelib service, the services of which are described below, is accessible via the internet network at the address https://www.Monelib.com,

Natural and legal persons subscribing to Monelib are considered as users (hereinafter USER) under these terms.

The USER declares to have full legal capacity allowing him to commit himself under this contract, to have read all of the contractual documents and to accept them without reservation.

2 - Description of the service

Monelib is a technical intermediary offering a payment processor on the Internet.

The general principle is to provide the USER with services offering him technical means in order to invoice his Customers for access to all or part of virtual content of which he is the publisher.

Monelib collects the proceeds of these collections which can be made by different means and then transfers a fixed or proportional amount to the USER, depending on the commission charged by Monelib.

Depending on the payment method selected by the Customer, Monelib can provide the latter with a PROOF OF PAYMENT which can be claimed by the User. This PROOF OF PAYMENT may be called, only for the purposes of better understanding, access code.

Monelib does not take any part in the existing commercial relations between the USER and its Customers.

In these conditions, Monelib cannot be held responsible for direct or indirect damage suffered by the USER or by a third party which would find their source in said commercial relations.

The USER agrees to use all of the Monelib services

  • in compliance with the applicable legal, regulatory and professional provisions, in particular and without limitation of the provisions relating to distance sales and services and electronic commerce (user information, delivery times for services, etc.) and good business practices.
  • by refraining from any activity which could be punishable by law (such as endangering minors, acts of pedophilia, acts of counterfeiting of works protected by an intellectual property right and means of payment, non-compliance with the protection of personal data, attacks on automated data processing systems, money laundering, non-compliance with the provisions relating to games of chance, horse racing, lotteries and the provisions relating to conditions regulated profession…).

  • Finally, the use of PROOF OF PAYMENT outside the services offered by Monelib does not fall under the responsibility of Monelib or of Viva Multimedia.

    3 - Registration for the service

    Registration and access to the Monelib service are free, excluding costs of connection to the Internet and reserved, unless waived by Monelib, to permanent residents of the European Community, the United States, Canada and Australia.

    The registration of the future USER is carried out exclusively on the Monelib website and is only possible for natural and legal persons of legal age and free of supervision. It is carried out by filling in the registration form and accepting these General Conditions of Use.

    The future USER undertakes to provide exact and sincere information about his situation and undertakes to update it regularly.

    After validation of the registration form, the future USER will receive an email from Monelib at the address he provided asking him to confirm his registration.

    This confirmation is mandatory and the future USER will not be able to claim his username and password until it has taken place.

    In addition, this, constituting an electronic signature having the same value as a handwritten signature, formalizes the confirmation of the registration request and constitutes irrevocable acceptance of these.

    Only one registration per legal person is allowed.

    In the event that the USER has provided inaccurate, outdated or incomplete data, Monelib will be entitled to immediately suspend the USER's account, the time of its regularization after being informed of it.

    4 - Personal identification data

    The identification of the USER on the Monelib service is carried out using a user name ("login") and a password.

    The password is confidential and the USER undertakes not to communicate it to a third party and to take all the precautions necessary for its non-disclosure.

    The USER is solely responsible for the confidentiality of his password and for all uses, authorized or not, of his account.

    The USER undertakes to alert Monelib as soon as possible if he notices an unauthorized use of his password or his account or if he considers that such a risk exists.

    Monelib cannot in any way be held responsible for the unauthorized use of the password or the account, nor guarantee any loss or damage resulting from this use.

    5 - Services offered

    5.1 - Micro-payment and payment by payment card
    The USER has access to:
    • to a micro-payment service allowing him to invoice his Customers sums less than or equal to 15 Euros.
    • to a payment card payment service allowing him to invoice sums of 2 Euros to 60 Euros with the possibility of creating subscriptions.

    In both cases, THE PAYMENT INTERFACE invites the Customer to acquire a PROOF OF PAYMENT and informs him of the price of this purchase. The USER who also wishes to display this price directly on his site undertakes to keep this information constantly up to date so that the information displayed is at all times in accordance with the indications provided by the PAYMENT INTERFACE. >
    5.1.1 - USER sites
    With regard to the payment of virtual content on the Web, the USER indicates the internet addresses of the sites concerned, the internet addresses of the pages on which the PAYMENT INTERFACES are installed as well as the addresses of the pages to which the Customers will be transferred after their payment (and on which the contents subject to payment are found).

    The USER declares to be the publisher of the content of the pages indicated and of all the sites to which they belong.

    The USER authorizes Monelib to access the items he invoices with Monelib for the purposes of controls, checks and tests. These accesses may not give rise to repayments.

    THE PAYMENT INTERFACE provided by Monelib cannot be installed by the USER or his technical service provider only on the internet addresses thus declared.

    The USER must not modify or attempt to modify the appearance or operation of the PAYMENT INTERFACE outside the possibilities offered on his Monelib customer area.

    The USER undertakes not to display the premium rate numbers displayed via the PAYMENT INTERFACE directly on their site; only scripts provided by Monelib should be used for this purpose.

    The USER undertakes not to encourage the public to make a payment, in particular by SMS and premium rate call, via unfair means such as, for example, Spam SMS, Spam email or "Ping Call".

    The USER is fully responsible for the content of said sites, which must not make elements available to the public
    contrary to public order and morality
    insulting, defamatory, racist, xenophobic, homophobic, revisionist or damaging the honor or reputation of others,
    threatening a person or a group of people
    zoophile, pedophile, prostitution or escort
    urological or scatological, and in general any content degrading or damaging to the human person or to his integrity
    inciting the commission of an offense, a crime or an act of terrorism or praising war crimes or crimes against humanity
    inciting suicide
    appealing to the generosity of the public
    inciting discrimination, hatred of a person or a group of people because of their origin, their sexual orientation, their membership or their non-membership of an ethnic group, a nation, a race or a determined religion,
    allowing third parties to obtain pirated software directly or indirectly, software serial numbers, software allowing acts of piracy and intrusion into computer and telecommunications systems, viruses and other logical bombs and a in general any software or other tool, for which the USER does not have distribution rights.
    to infringe the rights of others and the security of persons and property
    in violation of the privacy of correspondence.
    confidential by virtue of a legislative measure or a legal act (and in particular, internal, inside information, constituting insider trading or falling under professional secrecy)

    The USER undertakes to take all necessary measures to prevent access to any element known to be prohibited or not recommended for minors, whether this element is part of the content invoiced via Monelib or more generally on the declared sites and on which the USER uses Monelib services.

    The USER undertakes not to make available to the public on the declared sites, and on which the Monelib services are used, hypertext links referring directly or indirectly to pages disseminating illegal elements or violating the rights of others .

    The USER undertakes to comply with the legislation in force concerning the collection of personal data and the declaration to the CNIL of files that it may constitute from information collected on the sites on which it uses the Monelib services.

    In accordance with the legislation in force, the USER undertakes to make its corporate name and its registered office available to the public on its site.

    In all cases, the name of the site publication director and the name and address of the site host, or the valid email address of the site publication director.

    The USER undertakes that the internet addresses of the elements of the billed site point to a computer file (HTML page, text document or other), and therefore to check that these addresses do not result in a 404 or other error .

    The USER undertakes to provide its Customers with the promised information or service.

    The USER acknowledges having read the SVA + Ethical Recommendations and complying with them. These Recommendations are available on a list accessible at the internet address http://www.fftelecoms.org, or from the French Telecoms Federation.

    The USER undertakes not to use Monelib as a payment processor for material goods.

    5.1.2 - Payment methods
    The USER chooses for each PAYMENT INTERFACE which payment methods will be offered to his client.

    The amount of invoicing as well as the commission of Monelib can vary according to the method of payment and its level of pricing.

    Some payment methods may not be available for the account held by the USER. In this case, Monelib will indicate, at the request of the USER, the modalities of their opening.

    In addition, some payment methods may have usage restrictions which will be indicated on the Monelib website. The USER agrees to comply with these restrictions.

    The USER undertakes to comply with all of the technical information provided by Monelib in order to ensure the proper functioning of the system.

    The USER is aware that, due to the rapid development of the Internet, these constraints are likely to evolve and be modified during the execution of the contract.

    It will be up to the USER to update their hardware and software to take these changes into account.

    The USER undertakes to respect the strictest confidentiality concerning all information of a technical or other nature of which the USER comes to know during the execution of this agreement.

    5.1.3 - Payment by SMS
    The USER customer is invited to send an SMS to a premium rate number accompanied by a message, the content of which is specified on the PAYMENT INTERFACE.

    The amount of the surcharge is clearly indicated on the PAYMENT INTERFACE by Monelib.

    However, this amount may vary, without Monelib being aware of it, depending on the operator that the Client uses to access mobile telephone services.

    In response to this shipment, Monelib returns to the Client a PROOF OF PAYMENT in the form of an alphanumeric code.

    Monelib may not return a PROOF OF PAYMENT (or an invalid PROOF OF PAYMENT on the USER site) if the message specified in the PAYMENT INTERFACE is not correctly transcribed by the Customer.

    5.1.4 - Payment by voice service
    The USER customer is invited to telephone a premium rate telephone number on which he can be asked to enter on his telephone keypad a "service code" specified on the PAYMENT INTERFACE.

    The amount of the surcharge is clearly indicated on the PAYMENT INTERFACE by Monelib.

    However, this amount may vary, without Monelib being aware of it, depending on the operator that the Client uses to access the telephone services.

    After a variable waiting time depending on the pricing level chosen by the USER, Monelib indicates to the Customer PROOF OF PAYMENT.

    The Customer can then end his phone call.

    Monelib may not issue a PROOF OF PAYMENT (or a PROOF OF PAYMENT not valid on the USER site) if the service code specified in the PAYMENT INTERFACE is not correctly entered by the Customer on his phone. < br>
    5.1.5 - Payment by payment card
    The Customer is invited to obtain one or more PROOF OF PAYMENT by paying with a payment card, which must be part of the list of cards accepted by Monelib.

    Viva Multimedia is entitled to refuse such payment, without justification on its part, if its computer system considers that the risk of future rejection of it by the banking establishment is too great.

    The security rules thus applied are part of the manufacturing secrets of Viva Multimedia.

    The PROOF (s) of PAYMENT thus obtained are only valid for a first use on the PAYMENT INTERFACE used to obtain them.

    5.1.6 - Personalization of payment methods
    The USER may be able to customize the payment methods.

    In the case of voice services, this personalization consists of the distribution of voice messages that the USER himself has designed and transmitted to Monelib.

    The USER undertakes that these messages do not contravene the rules described in article 5.1.1 concerning the content of the sites.

    In addition, these messages should not encourage the Customer to make a purchase or an additional expense directly or indirectly.

    5.1.7 - Use of proof of payment
    The PROOF OF PAYMENT thus delivered is proof of payment by the Customer for access to the only virtual content for which the PAYMENT INTERFACE has been installed.

    The PROOF OF PAYMENT must be entered by the Customer in a field provided for this purpose in the PAYMENT INTERFACE, which will have the effect of transmitting it to the Monelib servers.

    The USER can configure the PAYMENT INTERFACE so that his Client must enter up to 5 valid proofs of payment to access the internet content for which access is chargeable.

    After verification of this PROOF OF PAYMENT by Monelib, the Customer is redirected to the internet address declared by the USER in the event of payment made and accepted.

    Otherwise, the Customer is informed of the non-validity of its entry by Monelib or by a specific error message sent by the site consulted.

    The PROOF OF PAYMENT will be accepted one or more times on the PAYMENT INTERFACE, depending on the configuration of the PAYMENT INTERFACE by the USER.

    Depending on the configuration of the means of payment by the USER, it will be paid back a part of the amount of the sale either upon delivery of the PROOF OF PAYMENT to the Customer, or when entering it in the PAYMENT INTERFACE.

    In addition, the first entry of the PROOF OF PAYMENT must be made within 30 days if the USER has configured the method of payment so that its payment is made when entering the PROOF OF PAYMENT.

    5.2 - Affiliation
    The USER has the possibility of obtaining a payment by advertising Monelib on one of its sites.

    To do this, the USER has access to a link in their customer area which they install on the pages of their choice and which cause the display of an advertising link for Monelib.

    The hypertext link points to the Monelib site.

    If the user who clicked on this link becomes a Monelib user at that time, he also becomes an affiliate of the USER.

    Gain generated means amounts transferred to a user, excluding amounts from affiliations and any payment by credit card.

    The USER agrees not to promote Monelib's services by dishonest, unfair, prohibited or contrary to rules of conduct and politeness prevailing on the Internet.

    The USER agrees not to use prohibited promotion methods or methods which may damage the image of Monelib or of Viva Multimedia.

    When a Affiliate link is clicked by a Client, a marker is placed by Monelib on the Client's computer station.

    Due to existing technical limitations, this marker may not be accepted by the Customer or accepted and then deleted. Consequently, Monelib cannot be held responsible for the non-marking or the loss of marking of a Customer who clicked on an affiliate link.

    The USER participating in an affiliate program as an affiliate agrees not to promote this program by dishonest, unfair, prohibited or contrary to rules of conduct and politeness prevailing on the Internet.

    The USER agrees not to use prohibited promotion methods or methods which may damage the image of Monelib, the Viva Multimedia company or the user providing the affiliate program.

    6 - Spills

    Only the statistics generated by Monelib are authentic.

    The USER has access in his customer area to the account of the sums due to him for payments made by Customers through the services provided by Monelib.

    The amounts of the commissions depend on the share levied by the technical intermediaries used by Monelib (fixed and mobile telephone operators, etc.) for the provision of voice, SMS, payment card services, as well as the cost of using the services provided by Monelib.

    Any change in the prices charged by operators is likely to result in a change in the commissions due to the USER, of which he will be informed by electronic means without, however, being able to object.

    In the event of a change in the quotas levied by the technical intermediaries, Viva Multimedia may update the amounts due to the USER, with retroactive effect for the last 30 days, without it being necessary to notify the 'USER.

    In case of refusal on the part of the USER to modify the conditions and amounts of the commissions, formalized by sending the company Viva Multimedia an email and a confirmation from the latter, this contract will be automatically terminated.

    The USER undertakes not to try, by means which could be described as fraudulent, to increase the amounts due to him or to distort the statistics generated by Monelib.

    The USER undertakes to inform Viva Multimedia by email 20 days before any promotional action concerning the sites on which he uses the services of Monelib.

    7.1 - Request for payment of commissions
    The USER can request payment of the commissions due to him within the limit of the amount indicated in his customer area.

    These payments are considered as cash advances made by Viva Multimedia to the USER as long as the sums at stake have not been effectively transferred by the operators to Viva Multimedia.

    Consequently, Viva Multimedia may suspend these cash advances to the USER at any time. In this case, the USER will only be able to receive their commissions when Viva Multimedia has itself been transferred from the various operators who generated these gains.

    In the event of non-payment ("unpaid") by one or more operators, Viva Multimedia can choose, at its convenience, to pool these between different users without the USER being able to object.

    If the USER is a legal person subject to French VAT, the commissions due are inclusive of all taxes.

    The amounts due are not subject to any dispute on the part of the USER unless there is a manifest error in calculation on the part of Viva Multimedia.

    Only the documents and statements transmitted by the technical intermediaries used by Viva Multimedia as well as the data from the Monelib hosting servers are authentic for the calculation of commissions.

    Payment of the amounts due to the USER is made:
    by bank transfers denominated in EURO to a bank or postal account domiciled in the EU.
    by transfer to a PayPal account that the USER has identified in his Customer Area by his associated email address.

    The USER is solely responsible for the accuracy of the information identifying his bank, postal or PayPal account that he has provided to Viva Multimedia in his user area.

    Viva Multimedia cannot in any way be held responsible for any loss or damage resulting from inaccurate information.

    The USER undertakes to bear all costs which may be charged to him by the financial institution holding the account for which he has provided contact details, in particular any exchange costs in the case, for example, where the bank account , postal or PayPal of the User would not be held in EUROS.

    Likewise, the USER agrees to bear all costs which could be charged by Viva Multimedia and which are caused by the inaccuracy of the information provided by the USER.

    The USER cannot make more than one payment request over 7 rolling days.

    Viva Multimedia reserves the right to charge transfer fees. In such a case, the USER is informed of these costs before the validation of his payment request.

    The amounts due to the USER must cover the amount of the payment request as well as the transfer costs.

    The requested payment amount must be greater than or equal to a minimum amount indicated in the USER customer area.

    The USER must send Viva Multimedia an invoice equal to the amount of the payment requested and, in any event, with the information indicated in the email sent to him when he requests payment.

    The requested payment cannot be made before receipt of this invoice.

    The sums due to the USER do not bear interest during the time of their retention by Viva Multimedia, including in the event that the USER makes no request for payment.

    7.2 - Unpaid and guaranteed
    If, for whatever reason, the operators used by the Monelib services do not pay the amounts normally due to Viva Multimedia, or if Viva Multimedia is informed of fraudulent transactions, the latter will be entitled not to make the payments requested by the USER and to deduct these arrears as well as any costs from the sums due to the USER or to claim these sums from the USER.

    If at least one of the operators informs Viva Multimedia of a contrary or improper use of its services or if Viva Multimedia acknowledges such use, the latter reserves the right to suspend payments to the USER for an indefinite period.

    It is recalled that, except in the case of a fault attributable to Viva Multimedia, any risk of non-payment of any kind whatsoever is the responsibility of the USER.

    The USER agrees to pay directly all taxes and fees related to his activity and his services.

    Viva Multimedia reserves the right, after having informed the User by electronic means, to make a partial or total withholding of winnings if a risk of unpaid amounts is found.

    In case of non-compliance with these conditions of use by the USER, Viva Multimedia may request the latter to reimburse the sums collected, or withhold any sums due from the day of the finding of a breach of these conditions of use and suspend its current or future payment requests.

    8 - Evidence agreement

    By express agreement between the parties, electronic media are deemed to constitute at least the beginning of proof in writing. In the event of a conflict, the electronic documents produced by Viva Multimedia will prevail over those produced by the USER, unless the latter demonstrates the lack of reliability or authenticity of the documents produced by Viva Multimedia.

    9 - Duration, Termination, Resolution

    This contract is concluded for an indefinite period.

    9.1. Amicable termination
    Either party may terminate this contract without reason and without notice.

    9.2. Other cases of termination
    The contract will be automatically terminated without written notification or notice in the event of termination, suspension or closure by one of the operators used for the Monelib services of the services used within the framework of these terms, whatever the cause or in case of termination, suspension or closure of secure online payment solutions, whatever the cause.

    This contract may be terminated as of right, if it appears to Viva Multimedia, with notification and without notice, if the USER has generated no commission for more than 3 months.

    9.3. Cancellation clause - resolution for non-compliance with this contract
    This contract may be terminated as of right, if the USER has not complied with one or more of these conditions of use.

    The USER's account may be deleted by Viva Multimedia without written notification or notice, in the event of the presence of content that is presumably illegal or in violation of these on the USER's sites and on which it uses the Monelib services.

    Viva Multimedia reserves the right to ask for compensation for the damage it would have suffered as a result.

    9.4. End of contract
    The USER will immediately return to Viva Multimedia any item of any kind provided by Viva Multimedia in execution of this contract.

    In any event, at the end of the contract, the USER agrees not to use all or part of these elements directly or indirectly, under penalty of the payment of the sum of 1500 euros as daily damages, until the definitive cessation of the disorder.

    Whatever the circumstances of the termination, the USER expressly undertakes never to turn against Viva Multimedia due to the termination occurring on the initiative of the latter.

    10 - Liability

    Viva Multimedia is subject to an obligation of means.

    The USER formally acknowledges and accepts that Viva Multimedia's responsibility cannot be directly or indirectly accepted, for any reason and for any reason whatsoever, for related damages:
    an interruption of the Monelib service independent of its will and / or motivated by any faulty behavior by the USER
    any incident or interruption of the Monelib service caused by a malfunction and / or an inadequacy of the equipment, material and / or software and infrastructures of the USER, whatever the cause thereof
    to a case of Force Majeure as defined in article 13 hereof
    the use of prohibited services or the transmission of data in contravention of the provisions of this contract
    the intrusion of a third party into the Viva Multimedia computer system leading to the consultation and / or disclosure by this third party of data relating to the USER or the dissemination of any harmful software such as viruses, worms, Trojans.
    to the intrusion of a third party into the USER computer system, during the link between the Monelib server and the USER computer system
    the nature or content of information of any kind, data and files circulating and accessible on sites using Monelib.
    any commercial damage, loss of customers, loss of order, commercial disorder, loss of profit, loss of brand image or action directed against the USER by anyone

    As the Monelib service is provided via the Internet, Viva Multimedia cannot in any way guarantee the quality, reliability, timeliness or safety of the use of this service as long as they depend on equipment and networks independent of its control.

    Viva Multimedia can in no way guarantee or ensure, the USER in his name or in the name of third parties involved or any third party chosen by the USER, a result as to the means put in place for billing, verification and recovery of are owed by the USER's Customers.

    Viva Multimedia cannot in any case be responsible for the content or any element offered by the USER, for any reason whatsoever.

    In the event that Viva Multimedia is sued by a third party for any reason whatsoever due to information disseminated by the USER, the USER undertakes to indemnify Viva Multimedia, at first request, for any attorneys' fees, sums incurred in any capacity whatsoever, and of any conviction, damages and others for which he would be liable under any action, complaint, procedure, request, expertise, or other engaged by a third party against Viva Multimedia.

    The USER still recognizes:
    that Viva Multimedia cannot be held responsible in any way whatsoever for the use and content of the information disseminated or consulted by Customers on the items invoiced by Monelib. The USER will therefore be responsible for any damage, direct or indirect, material or immaterial, which he or the Customers may have suffered as a result of the content of the information billed via Monelib. As a result, the USER alone will assume all litigation against a third party, for information billed by Monelib. He further undertakes to inform Viva Multimedia as soon as possible, by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt, of all complaints, legal actions, observed infringements, claims, concerning the items invoiced via Monelib. that it is solely responsible for the material and immaterial damage and damage caused to Viva Multimedia due to the improper or improper use of Monelib and undertakes to guarantee, pay or compensate, as the case may be, Viva Multimedia against any action, request , claim and / or sentence for damages, of which Viva Multimedia could be threatened or be the object, and / or which could be pronounced against it, since these would have for cause, foundation or origin the bad or improper use by the USER and / or any third party having used Monelib.

    11 - Property

    The software, web pages, scripts, and graphic content provided by Monelib present on the Monelib site and / or provided to the USER by Monelib are the full property of Viva Multimedia.

    The USER undertakes to recognize them as works of the mind by refraining from copying them, reproducing them, translating them into any other language or language, adapting them, distributing them free of charge or for a fee, or in the case of software and scripts, to add any object that does not comply with their specifications. They are part of its manufacturing secrets and confidential information regardless of whether the components may or may not be protected in the current state of the law by an intellectual property right.

    The Monelib brand is the property of Viva Multimedia.

    The USER undertakes not to remove the mention of the Monelib brand from any software, document or advertising banner, and more generally, from any item supplied or made available to the USER.

    Article 12 - Personal data

    The data collected in the context of the Monelib service is processed and used by Viva Multimedia in the context of the provision of the Monelib service and to send the USER information emails.

    The USER is solely responsible for the data he communicates to Viva Multimedia and declares that the data provided are perfectly complete and accurate.

    In accordance with the law n ° 78-17 of January 6, 1978, the USER can at any time access the personal information concerning him and held by Viva Multimedia, request their modification or deletion.

    The USER can exercise this right of access and rectification directly on the Monelib website under the "personal data" section accessible from the customer area.

    Viva Multimedia may be required to communicate information relating to the USER in the context of legal requisitions or to protect their rights and interests.

    For the duration of the use of Monelib and for any purpose of proof, data concerning the USER and the use of the service are kept and archived confidentially by Viva Multimedia.

    13 - Force majeure

    In the first instance, cases of force majeure will immediately suspend the obligations of this contract.

    If the case of force majeure lasts more than a month, this contract will be automatically terminated, upon simple notification of the defaulting party.

    Expressly considered as force majeure or fortuitous cases, in addition to those retained by the jurisprudence of French courts and tribunals: total or partial strikes internal or external to the company, lockout, bad weather, epidemics, blocking of means transportation or supply for any reason, earthquake, fire, storm, flood, water damage, government or legal restrictions, modification or interpretation of legal or regulatory texts of the forms of marketing, computer failure , blocking of telecommunications networks and in particular those used by operators called upon by Viva Multimedia, and any other case beyond the control of the parties preventing normal execution of this agreement.

    14. Applicable law - Competent jurisdiction

    If one or more of the stipulations herein is void or declared as such pursuant to a law, a regulation or following a final decision of a competent court, the other stipulations will retain their full force and scope.

    The stipulations declared null and invalid will then be replaced by stipulations which will come closest as regards their content to the stipulations initially agreed.

    The parties will not be held responsible, or considered to have failed in the present, for any delay or non-performance, when the cause of the delay or non-performance is linked to a case of force majeure as defined in article 13 of the present.

    These represent the entire agreement between the parties and replace all previous agreements or declarations, oral or written, relating to their subject.

    Any claim or dispute must be sent in writing to the following address:

    Viva Multimedia - 60/62 rue de Wattignies - 75012 PARIS

    These are subject to French law. In the event of a dispute with a USER relating to the interpretation, execution or validity of these, the competent court will be the Commercial Court of Paris.