Monelib Payment pages

Once registered, generate your payment pages according to the sales amount chosen and the payment methods you wish to activate.
You can integrate the payment form on your site in several ways.

Iframe integration

Your payment page will be integrated into the body of the page:

Pop-up integration

Ideal for placing custom payment links:

Direct payment link

Simply create a clickable payment link like this: Redirect to the page payment .


  • Generate your payment pages at will according to your points of sale.
  • Create an order with a request to the API then call the payment page using the order reference returned by the API.
  • If the user's transaction is approved, it is redirected to the Success URL of your choice.
  • If the user transaction is rejected, the user can be redirected to the Failure URL of your choice.
  • If necessary, you can use a callback URL which will be called by Monelib servers. Ideal for performing fundraising tasks (validation of an order, sending an email, ...)